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Undercover Cop Fucks Hot Drug Queen Mercedes Carrera


Undercover Cop Fucks Drug Queen Mercedes Carrera. Latina babe Mercedes Carrera has a dream of opening her own motorcycle shop. Of course, busty babe needs serious money to open it. She has quite good of skills because Mercedes is a chemist and knows how to bake quality drugs.

Undercover Cop Fucks Drug Queen Mercedes Carrera

Busty Latina Mercedes knows some guys from Mexican Cartel and makes a deal with them. She is baking drugs for them and earning really good. Because, it is the easiest way for her to make money. On the other hand, Mercedes has a boyfriend, Charles Dera. Charles has his own secrets, like being a cop, investigating drug traffic undercover.

When big titty Latina gets a call from Cartel to bake more drugs, she goes through her workshop. Charles has listened her conversation with Cartel and follows her through her secret place. He pulls his gun out and checks the workshop. When he confirms there is no one other than his girlfriend, he approaches her. He knows this is their last time but Mercedes doesn’t. So, he wants to fuck his hot babe one more time, in here and possibly very hard.