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Stepson Fucks Easter Bunny Moriah Mills


Stepson Fucks Easter Bunny Moriah Mills. It has been only two months since his dad’s dating with Moriah Mills but she is already living with them. J Mac can’t understand their relationship and his dad’s marrying her. Black babe is too hot to be his step mom. On top of it, bootylicious ebony is wearing provocative lingerie all around the house and only in his dad’s bedroom.

Stepson Fucks Easter Bunny Moriah Mills

It is Easter morning and J Mac finds some notes on his chest. Apparently, it is from his future step mom Moriah Mills, encouraging him for egg hunt. He wears white bunny slippers Moriah left him and starts searching for eggs. With every egg he finds, he gets a note whereabouts of next egg. The final one appears to be in his dad’s bedroom. When he opens the door, J Mac finds black babe Moriah bent over on the bed. Oh, fucking egg is sticking into her pussy. Also, there is note that says “sick it”.