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Aletta Ocean, Jai James – Airline Scheme Scene



Aletta Ocean, Jai James – Airline Scheme Scene 3. Insurance scheme is on the motion. Busty stewardess Aletta Ocean has taken care of co-pilot in airplane toilet. At the same time, Nicolette Shea has dealt with air marshal by fucking him. Now, they have to infiltrate into pilot cabin and have to change the course of the flight without pilot’s notice.

Aletta Ocean, Jai James – Airline Scheme Scene 3

The mission is black air hostess Jai James’s. Busty ebony stewardess gets into pilot cabin. Slutty air hostess directly gets work to seduce the pilot, Luke Hardy. In her sexy hostess uniform, it is piece of cake. In seconds, she sits on his lap and kisses him while rubbing his cock with his big butts. While pilot is busy with her big fake tits, she changes the course of the flight.

Hungarian babe Aletta walks into pilot cabin to join them for a hot threeway so captain will not notice anything unusual about the flight. Hot stewardesses give him a double blowjob and competes for his hard cock. In the small cabin, they get in many position one by one for fucking his mind.